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BREATHE    INHey Penpal! How are you? What's going on recently?

I can never apologize much to write so late but the only thing I can say is that I didn't want to lose a Penpal so kind and positive like you! Whenever I read your previous mails, I can just find your open heart, full of generosity.. pouring out positivity in this pessimistic world and trying to suck out the negativity.. Ultimately filling everything with kindness!

You're one of a kind, always remain the same:)

I know it would be my foolishness to hope for your reply, but still I'll look forward to hear from you. And it's also not a compulsion for you to write back. Take this letter as a reminder that you're doing good, continue to do that. Never stop from talking your heart out! I also know that my replies are not so prompt but I hope you'll understand my situation.

I just wish that you're happy with all that life has offered to you and you're finding the love and affection, you give t…

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