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Thanks for the message, and trying to cheer me up that's nice of you. After reading your message though I can't tell if you would often write as you said you might not get back on this site. So one must wonder what kind of pen pal you're looking for? I'm always happy to write back but as I too can get busy my response may be a week later but I do try not to let more time go by. I guess if you're still on the site holla back.


Thank you for responding. I am not sure what kind of pen pal I will be myself. I have many profiles on many sites that I forget about and my hope in humanity wanes sometimes to a point where I just curl up in my own little world of babbling nonsense. If you find worth in my words, you can find me in many places in many ways.

Sometimes I write because I want a hug, at least in words, and I've learned to hug myself in words. I put words out on the web in the hope someone might understand me and understanding is a hu…

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